Business Affiliation
Business Affiliation

Abu Dhabi firm to offer non-resident money

Abu Dhabi firm to offer non-resident money transfers to India via mobile phoneUAE Exchange, one of the leading remittance and exchange companies, has tied up with C-SAM

A few good lawyers - SEC - Securities and Exchange Commission

A few good lawyers - SEC - Securities and Exchange CommissionThe Securities and Exchange Commission received $30 million less than it requested from Congress this year

Money, power and the Vatican

Money, power and the VaticanMoney and the Rise of the Modern Papacy: Financing the Vatican, 1850-1950. John F. Pollard. Cambridge University Press.

Law of the land: master the six laws of money

Law of the land: master the six laws of moneyStripped of perfunctory niceties, business is war, and every deal is a hostage exchange.

Tough enough: despite speculations of a kinder SEC. Harvey Pitt is cracking down on business

Tough enough: despite speculations of a kinder SEC. Harvey Pitt is cracking down on business - Dollar Signs - Securities and Exchange CommissionIT DIDN'T TAKE LONG FOR HARVEY L. Pitt, the new Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) chairman

Dimensions of social stratification and anomie as factors of religious affiliation in El SalvadorAmong Latin American countries, El Salvador is, along with Guatemala, Chile, and Brazil, one of the countries with the highest percentage of Protestants -- between 15 and 20 percent of the country's population (Green 1997; Williams 1997). Protestant affiliation increased very significantly during the 1970s and 1980s, a time during which El Salvador experienced a bloody civil war (Williams 1997).


Focus on future drives TBS: staying ahead of the market created 23 years of success for TBS in temperature control and building automation. Most recently, it led to a U-turn on service and maintenance, affiliation with a key union-contractor team , and TABB certificationContractor Gerald Jannicelli of Technical Building Services, Inc. (Ballston Spa, N.Y.) always has a game plan. And the plans usually work! But sometimes, the market throws him a curve ball.That's when Jannicelli adjusts. He's been in business for 23 years because, when it's time for a change--he can really adjust!


Exploring handhelds: colleges are starting to integrate handhelds into everyday student life. The big question that remains is what are the best uses for the devices?When University of South Dakota administrators went searching for a new computer technology to enhance the school's curriculum, they found it in the palms of their hands.USD is making handheld computers available to 1,300 freshmen as well as first-year students enrolled in its law and medical schools


Revealed: How labour sees women; "We always imagine what your knickers are like," said the selection committee to a woman wanting to be an MP. Jackie Ashley on a shocking dossier of political misogynyLabour has a culture problem. We all know it. We watch it. We dislike it. We sometimes talk about it in a woolly, general way. But we find it curiously hard to describe what is, in fact, blindingly obvious. Labour in power is grey-suited, arrogant-sounding, cut off from most of our lives, a party of closed groups and favoured sons.


What ailes us: are ideologues or market forces pulling the media to the right?David Brock is a former arsonist now hawking fire extinguishers, and his makeover humbles any on display in the pages of Cosmopolitan or Glamour. This may explain the unease among both his prior co-conspirators on the political right and new allies on the left as he surfaces as a pop culture Margaret Mead, here dissecting the purported hijacking of the American media by strange tribes of conservatives.


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