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The Estate Agent In the Republic of South Africa it is a known fact that all Real Estate Agents operating should be registered with the IEASA; Institute of Estate Agents of South Africa. This body was established in 1937 and has grown over the years. The IEASA provide the necessary training to its people so when dealing with a qualified agent you can be assured of the best possible service. These people are registered as a member of the institute and will therefore be able to assist you with all the expected support concerned with the dealings in property. Very few owners of property these days will try and do the selling or renting of such property as a private venture. There are a lot of legalities to be considered and that alone can be time consuming, if you do not deal with this sort of thing on a daily basis.

The Estate Agents has got all these finer details on their fingertips. They have for example the advertising space in local news papers and lately they distribute their very own property news papers. Their advertising has of course gone much further with the downing of the electronic medium. The internet and television adverts are playing a huge part in their success. Because of the size of the industry and the vastness of the area that it is expected to cover, it was decided to provide each province with what is called a regional office.

It makes it so much easier for both the individual Real Estate Agent as well as for the institute, to stay in touch and informed of any new developments in the industry. Property rentals have become big business and there are companies investing enormous amounts of money into this type of venture. This is where the services of the real estate agent become invaluable. Presently there are new regulations in the pipeline to be implemented not later than 2011. These new regulations will curb for example the practises by newcomers to the industry, where one can register without any Real Estate qualification and then deemed qualified after working as a candidate for a period of 12 months. To survive in the property market can be a tough call, but once you have made a name for yourself and your agency, it can become a very successful venture.

Well known Real Estate Agencies make use of the best agents in the field. Most agents has the tendency to deal in one of the many options in the industry for example, one might prefer 'property rentals' above 'house sales', it largely depend on the individual, but the same person will be in the position to point you in the right direction if you are looking for advise on anything else concerning property. Day by day dealings with the public, is one of the main objectives of the Estate Agent, The hours of work in most cases are not regular office routine. It can at times become very demanding but always a challenge and very interesting occupation.

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Property to Rent - The Estate Agent In the Republic of South Africa it is a known fact that all Real Estate Agents operating should be registered with the IEASA; Institute of Estate Agents of South Africa.