Why Invest in Bulgaria

Bulgaria offers cheap property for sale in a country whose economic growth has grown at a rapid pace and is now one of the highest in Europe. In the past 10 years, its tourist trade has increased dramatically. As a result, an abundance of cheap properties are for sale in Bulgaria at a much lower price than in other European countries, ensuring a better value for your money. Its present trade with North America will continue to expand to nearby Asian markets and to other countries in the European Union, which it will join in 2007.

This is a great place to buy that second home for your holidays, a home for your retirement in later years, or to use as property for rental income. The opportunities for buying cheap property are unlimited. Bulgaria is rich in historical and cultural attractions for the tourist, but in comparison with many other European destinations, it is still relatively new and unspoiled. It is a country with an extremely low cost of living, rate of taxation, and annual inflation.

The political structure of Bulgaria is a stable democracy, with freely elected Members of Parliament. The average elevation of Bulgaria is 1600 ft, with more than half the country being hilly or mountainous. The favorable climate of Bulgaria is temperate, with dry and warm summers and chilly winter months. In the major cities, taxicabs are inexpensive, and buses and rental cars are also available. In addition, numerous express trains provide excellent transportation, as well as season passes, to all parts of the country. Furthermore, the improved and expanded construction of roads has increased the interest in buying cheap property in Bulgaria.

There are four geographical regions in Bulgaria where cheap property is for sale. Property along the Black Sea coast is the most desired real estate among the international and local buyers. These properties are in high demand, due to the rapid growth of the tourist trade to this particular area. The architecture of the old seacoast towns, the historic ruins of ancient civilizations, pagan sanctuaries, and cultural monuments of Bulgaria are just a few of its many attractions. This area has long been famous for its spas and mineral springs, a place for health, rest, and relaxation. The shallow water, fine sandy beaches, and warm air all contribute to the desirability of buying property in this area.

Beachfront property is always a good investment, and there are many cheap one and two bedroom apartments for sale along the coast and in resort areas. The resort areas offer activities for singles, couples, and entire families, making them popular destinations for tourist travel. Another option to buy cheap property in Bulgaria is in the fabulous ski resort locations.

These resorts offer every type of winter sport and activity, and during the summer months, the mountain trails are ideal for hiking, camping, cycling, and horseback riding. Other attractions are being added to these resorts, including golf courses and tennis courts. The 9-month rental season in the ski resort area, as compared to a 5-month season along the coast, provides an even greater potential for a more lucrative investment.

A third area to consider in buying cheap property is in the major cities of Sofia, Varna, Bourgas, and Plovid. Many international companies have employees with families relocating to Bulgaria who are interested in renting apartments or homes in the suburbs and gated communities. New apartment buildings are under construction, some with various amenities included, such as restaurants, fitness centers, video stores, banks, etc. In addition, more and more local and foreign business owners need to rent offices and building space, as trade continues to grow.

Mortgage is competitive and legal advice for tenant agreements and property maintenance is readily available. The demand for cheap urban and suburban property will continue to grow as trade increases, presenting an excellent opportunity to invest in Bulgaria. A fourth option for buying cheap property in Bulgaria is in one of the many towns or villages, which are located between the mountain ranges of Rila and Pirin, near beautiful forests and lakes. Some of these villages are in sheltered valleys, surrounded by rose plantations and fields of sunflowers. If you prefer to buy property away from the resort and tourist areas, there are many small villages along the Black Sea coast and beside picturesque bays, as well, where cheap property is readily available.

There are a number of good reasons to buy cheap property in Bulgaria. Whether you intend to keep it for yourself as a second or retirement home, use it for substantial rental income, or sell it later for a nice profit, the choice is yours. As the tourist trade increases, so will the demand for real estate. There is no better time to buy than now.

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