The Greatest Money Making Asset That Will Make You A Fortune

So what is this one asset that all of us already have at our disposal? No, it's not your double degree, MBA or PhD. from the best universities. And no, it's not the inheritance the 'lucky' get from rich dad, rich uncle or rich grandma to kick-start their business. No, this asset is so powerful that it will not just give you a 4% return like the bank or even a 20% return which you would expect from the stock market. This asset has the potential to give you infinite returns. In fact, it can, if passionately developed, give you a 1000% return on your time investment.

This asset is your mind, also known as your intellectual asset! When you invest time and money to expand your knowledge and skills, especially your financial education, it will return you millions of dollars in income streams for the rest of your life! You see, when you decide to spend your cash on a possession like a brand new car, you only get to use that vehicle for 10-15 years and when the car gets too old, what do you do? You scrap the thing. In the end you have nothing to show for all the money you poured into buying that latest model Ford. But when you invest in yourself, in your mind and in your education, it's an entirely different story. The moment you invest your time and money to learn new things, you will never lose it! Because the moment you learn something, you can use and apply it again and again and again and you need never have to pay to use that knowledge ever again. That knowledge will stay with you forever unlike your brand new car. So which one sounds like a better investment? In the past, the majority of a company's assets were made up of physical stuff like machinery, plant, equipment and land.

You would value a company by adding up the book value of all its fixed assets. Today, over 90% of a company's value is in its intellectual assets! Look at Google, Microsoft, Nike, Berkshire Hathaway or Ebay. They are worth billions of dollars and generate hundreds of millions of dollars a year and yet they hardly own much physical assets.

If you were to add up the total value of their factories, bank account, inventories and office equipment, it would make up less than 5% of what the company is worth. In fact, Nike doesn't even own many factories. The wealth of these companies lie in the ideas of the people working there. The same thing goes for you! Over 90% of your wealth is not what you have in your wallet or in the bank, it is the ideas that you have in your head! In the information age of today, one great idea can be worth a billion dollars.

That was how a kid in blue jeans with no money, working out of his adopted parent's garage could become a multi-millionaire at age 25 (Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computers). So, whatever your passion and purpose, start activating your greatest asset and learn precisely how to create, control, multiply and manage your wealth.

Adam Khoo is an entrepreneur, best-selling author and a self-made millionaire by the age of 26. Discover his million dollar secrets and claim your FREE audio CD program '7 Steps To Financial Freedom' here.

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