Ebay Feedback Tips

The eBay feedback system is designed with the customer in mind.not the seller, although feedback affects sellers more than buyers. When people shop on eBay for any item large or small, they do check the feedback score of the person or business that they are considering making a purchase from. http://mybonusarea.

com/ebook/ They want to know what the experience of other people like themselves have had with the seller. The Internet is impersonal but it is not anonymous.not when money is being exchanged for merchandize.

Reputation is not just important, it is absolutely vital and your feedback score is your reputation on eBay. It is a proven fact that buyers on eBay are reluctant to leave negative feedback about sellers. It is not the natural first step that they take. A full 82% of buyers will do everything they can to resolve an issue with a sale before they leave negative feedback so negative feedback is taken very seriously. Buyers and sellers are advised to: 1.Make every effort to satisfactorily resolve a problem before leaving feedback.

2.Remember that a negative feed back statement that is left cannot be removed by the poster. Once it is there, it is there permanently unless an Ebay arbitrator gets both sides to agree to remove it. http://mybonusarea.com/ebook/ 3.Both buyers and sellers are encouraged to leave feedback after each transaction is completed for the benefit of others.

4.Buyers are told that a high feedback score is usually a very good indicator that a seller is an honest merchant and a safe trading partner but they are also encouraged to check the sellers profile page to check for any negative comments as an added precaution. Ebay strives to make each sale go as smoothly and event free as possible but they do realize that problems can occur. http://mybonusarea.com/ebook/ Thank you, http://mybonusarea.


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