Cash It Back With Credit Cards

What is a cash back credit card? A cash back credit card gives annual rebates or gives back money to the card holder based on how much have been purchased with it. This type of credit card is suitable for those who rarely use cash in their transactions. The rebate is computed as a percentage of the total amount charged to the credit card in a year. Usually, rebates are between 1-2%. Some can even go as high as 3%.

Are rebates always in the form of cash? Strictly speaking, cash rebates should be in the form of cash. But now that card companies are diversifying, rebates may now come in the form of gift certificates and discount coupons. This somehow blurs the line between and among the different types of credit cards mentioned in the first paragraph of this article. Some cash back credit cards offer upgrading of membership status which allow their members to more discounts and gifts during anniversaries and holidays like Christmas and birthdays.

Moreover, some credit card companies also have partnerships with other consumer products that entitle their members to added product discounts in future purchases. What banks offer cash back credit cards? There are many banks that offer cash back credit cards in kind. They usually have a rewards program for members wherein card holders receive gifts and discounts courtesy of partner product companies; discount coupons to hotels, restaurants, specialty stores; and travel miles for non-travel purchases.

Below are some banks that offer cash back benefits. 1. Citibank 2. Chevy Chase Bank 3. HSBC 4. Royal Bank Avion (Canada) 5.

Standard Chartered Bank Are cash back credit cards offered only by banks? No. Since business establishments are innovating their services and benefits for their customers, some of them offer cash back to their loyal customers e.g. Discover Card (Discover Magazine).

Aside from giving book and magazine discounts, airline miles are also offered by Discover Card. Big grocery stores such as Krogers, Wal Mart, and Bi-Lo offer cash back but in the form of cash certificates and discount coupons. How does one get a cash back credit card? Since almost all credit card companies (e.

g. banks, stores, airlines) offer cash (or in kind) back benefits, all that has to be done is to file an application in any of their office or stores, or signup online by visiting their web sites. Just be a word of caution for online applications, make sure that the transaction is made through a secure internet connection since identity theft has become rampant with the advent of credit card use.

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