Can Stoozing Damage Your Credit Card Rating

People who stooz credit cards may make money in the short term, but if they are not careful their credit rating may be damaged. Stoozing credit cards by taking 0% interest introductory offers can be lucrative. Many people make thousands of pounds using this method over and over again. The problem comes when you have too many applications for credit on file, which can have an adverse effect on your credit rating. Credit ratings (or credit scorings) can be effected by many different factors, including changes of address, changes of employer, defaults on payments etc, but did you know that your credit rating can be effected by the amount of applications you make for credit, and also the amount of credit available to you at any one time. Credit card companies, banks and hire purchase companies all share information about their customers.

This can lead to your credit score being reduced if you have stoozed lots of credit cards. Try to apply for as few cards as possible, and leave the applications as late as possible to spread them apart if you are a stoozer. Also try not to apply for any credit facility that you may not need.

Stooz.co.uk has information about credit card stoozing and credit scoring.

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